Partner Oulton, Oulton & Associates
former Chief Executive Officer, International Council of Nurses


"I appreciate the important role you have played in getting the Network (ICN International Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing Network) up and running, building the international NP movement and helping build the role at country level. Keep on doing what you do.”

Dr. Fariba Al-Darazi

Regional Adviser, Nursing and Allied Health Personnel
World Health Organization, Eastern Mediterranean Region, Cairo, Egypt


“I sincerely appreciate the work you have undertaken as a WHO consultant over the past ten years to move forward advanced practice nursing in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. We value your contributions”.



Ministry of Health 
Directorate General for Nursing 


“I have found Madrean to be very knowledgeable in the area of Advanced Nursing Practice and is well aware of its trends around the world. She is a very culturally oriented expert with the ability to work with very diverse people.  She has different efficient approaches in solving problems and has solutions to issues that arise within different levels of management.”


Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) President 2010-2014


“In May 2014 the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association had the honour and the great pleasure to share Madrean Schober with the Australian PHC nursing workforce, the Australian Government Health department and many of Australia’s academic population through APNA’s national conference. Madrean generously gave of her time, her global nursing leadership knowledge, skills and experience; all of which has further broadened our vision of a healthy Australia through best practice Primary Health Care Nursing. Madrean will long be an honoured member of APNA’s international family. Thank you Madrean for supporting your international nursing fraternities.”



Speaker, Author, Mentor
Founder of the Centre for Inspired Leadership


“Having had the pleasure of recently working with Madrean, it’s clear she possesses an enormous intellect, infinite energy and the insight to take complex issues and express them in a way that engages the audience. She ‘gets’ people, she thinks strategically, and applies these talents to tackling the many challenges confronting the health sector internationally. Madrean is a true leader. I would also like to add, she is a lot of fun too. An absolute pleasure to work with.”

Christophe Debout RN PhD CRNA

Former President of the French nurses association (ANFIIDE)
Vice-president of the French Academy of Nursing 


"Thank you Madrean for your contribution to the introduction of advanced nursing practice in France. Your research findings, your experiences in different countries and your advice made a difference in the strategies we developed at governmental level. Moreover your cultural competence is a precious added value."


Aga Khan University, School of Nursing and Midwifery
Professor and Director MScN Programme


“I found Madrean very prompt, assertive, focused, candid, open minded, and lively. Her laughter’s is contagious. The blend of these characteristics makes her approachable and helpful for others.”


Group Director of Nursing, SOD 
Parkway Hospitals
Adjunct Associate Professor
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, 
National University of Singapore


"I have known Madrean to be an organised, responsible and easy going individual.She works well with people and is always helpful and prompt in response. I believe that her passion, skills and experience make her excel in whatever she set to do."

Anna Suutaria

International Relations Director, Finnish Nurses Assocation


"It has been a pleasure to be able to discuss and share views on APN with Madrean. We have been in Finland developing the concept and Madrean’s deep experience and expertise on APN have made the discussions most valuable and illustrative."

Dr. Piyanee Yobas

Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore 
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies


“Dr. Madrean Schober has extraordinary experiences in advanced practice nursing (APN). She has been actively involved in various APN-related activities and organisations at national and international levels. I really appreciate her tremendous contributions to APN. I also had a wonderful time working with Madrean in Singapore few years ago. It is fantastic that we still maintain our great friendship until now.”